Why Food Matters

My dad taught us many things. One of the lessons was that you are what you eat. As a kid I thought he meant you become famous or successful if you eat well. Perhaps you do. But what he really meant was that food has a deep impact on the condition of your body. As I read and research, I am amazed at just how much this is true.

It would be clear to you by now that eating healthy makes you healthful. For a moment let’s examine the reverse. What does not eating healthy do? The most obvious would be weight gain or excess fat over time. Excess fat leads to a host of problems. You can develop Type II diabetes. You can get Non Alchoholic Fatty Liver. This is nothing but excess fat getting deposited around the liver. This can even lead to cirrhosis. Your kidneys can reduce the efficiency with which they function. This can lead to higher levels of minerals in your body. Your blood pressure and pulse can increase. You can develop pancreatic diseases. You can develop GERD or acid reflux. You may get mood swings. You are over time likely to develop cardiac related issues. These could include heart and brain strokes or at least plaque build up in your arteries. Your sleep may be disturbed and you might get sleep apnea. Even cancer of the oesophagas, mouth, kidney etc are related to diet. Losing skin tone or developing a puffy face might just be the best part of the impact of a poor diet.

I am increasingly amazed to learn of just how deeply food is related to health. Don’t recognise an ailment on this list? Chances are it might still trace back to what you eat. You are what you eat could not be more true. You could almost wage a war on your enemy by getting them to eat poorly. Try not to be your own enemy. To learn more please see a video on this below.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.