Who are you?

Humour me! Let’s agree for the moment that there is reincarnation and your past lives affect your present and the future. Thank you! Of course, you can’t now go back and undo anything from the past for what is done is done. Let us for the moment allow our imagination to soar and place ourselves in the midst of one of the great classics The Mahabharata. A story of great tragedy, sacrifice, deceit, travails, and courage. Who would you want to be? Wait, before you jump and decide you want to be Krishna or Arjun or even the great Bhīma, full of strength and ability to destroy elephants with a single blow. Why not Shakuni or Karna or even Dhritarashtra?

After all, there was not a single character without flaw? Equally, there was not a single entity without merit or ability or even personality. Think of the unfortunate Karna, born into a high family but left as a child to be brought up as a fisherman’s son. Undoubtedly, the loyalty and fealty that he showed to his recognized King, Duryodhana is worthy of the best? How about Draupadi who out of respect for a mother’s statement, agreed to be married to five men? Evidently, she was practicing her Dharma?

It is funny, how we associate ourselves with characters and imagine our likeness in them. The bouquet is wide. Superman, Spiderman, Ram, Rahim or even your forefather. Now believe you are them and living your life as a consequence of their actions. What would a plunderer’s progeny or even generations of progenies have to do to undo the great harm their forefather caused? Outside of the supposed glamour, would you like your forefather to have caused mayhem, suffering, pain, and anguish to millions of people? The past may not be real. But your present surely is. What do you choose to be? Or do you not believe in reincarnation?


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.

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