When Science meets our Scriptures

We live in a fascinating Universe. Our Solar system with one Sun is but one of what is believed to be trillions upon trillions of stars. This Universe is believed to have started 14.4 billion years ago with a Big Bang. Before that was just a Singularity or nothingness. No one knows just how or why the Big Bang happened. What ever the reason, it created a Universe so vast that in our current form, no human could endeavor to explore even his or her own galaxy, let alone the Universe. Even our ambitions are limited to at best someday reaching Mars. In this fascinating world, on a rocky pebble, life was born. This led to mankind probably about 70,000 years ago. Darwin led us to believe that this happened through natural selection over many generations.

The known scriptures were written perhaps 4000-5000 years ago depending on who you believe. One version of our scriptures tell us that man lives over 184,000 lives. Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that some part of us, perhaps the soul, starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each biological death. Depending on how you lived your life, your soul evolves to a higher life form or escapes all together.

If this is true, it probably means it was equally true for our friend the Tyrannosaurus who lived about 200 million years ago. What happened to her soul when she died? Imagine a friendly T-Rex, one who did everything according to the definition of a good life. Could she jump ahead and become a human? It would require time travel. But do souls not have constraints of time? What then of a nasty evil human? Would he then be sent  back in time to become a T-Rex? Or are we all collectively moving forward having paid our dues and planet earth is evolving to higher life forms?

I don’t even want to start confusing you any further by talking of the possibility of life elsewhere in our Universe.