Just when you think that the last word has been said on a subject scientists come up with a new view that calls into question what you had only just started to believe. The clouds have swirled long and hard around eating wheat. Eating refined wheat which has a high glycemic index is known to be harmful. However, it was also the gluten in the wheat that was believed to cause all kinds of problems leading to the notion of being gluten intolerant.

Celiac’s disease is an ailment caused by a reaction to gluten, which are various proteins found in wheat and other grains. Upon exposure to gluten, an abnormal immune response can result in the production of several different autoantibodies in a number of organs and also cause an inflammatory reaction in the small-bowel resulting in anaemia. However, gluten intolerance was believed to be different from Celiac’s disease. For those who did not have Celiac’s you could be intolerant to gluten and avoiding foods with gluten could cause several benefits including detoxification weight loss etc. Sceptics scoffed at this and believed that either you had Celiac’s or had a vivid imagination. In medical terms you were psychosomatic.

Recent evidence emerging is now calling for the creating of a new category of people – those that have Non Celiac Wheat Sensitivity or NCWS. Research conducted in small cohorts revealed that patients who did not have Celiac’s showed symptoms of bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation etc. Their blood levels also showed systemic inflammation and reactivity. The researchers were unable to link the reactions to gluten itself but the evidence for the reactions were clearly present.

The science of nutrition and digestion is constantly evolving.  Your doctor can only treat you for what is clearly known, researched, identified and addressed medically through medication. Ultimately you are the best judge of whether you are healthy. As long as you are not prone to thinking up stories that lend your friends to believe you are the next J K Rowling, trust your instincts and search till you find an expert who can diagnose what ails you.