What about Protein?

A significant part of my writing has addressed carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. What about proteins? Can you inadvertently end up eating too much? Protein is required to put muscle on your body. It also facilitates making hair, blood and enzymes. It is an essential nutrient.  The standard recommended guidelines for protein 0.8 times your weight in Kgs. This translates into about 46 gms for women and 56 for men, give or take. However, this is the minimum amount and the actual amount can vary depending on lifestyle and your activity levels. If you are non vegetarian on a regular basis, it would not take much to consume this. There is over 40 gms of protein in a cup of chopped chicken.

If you are weight training, your trainer might ask you to consume as much as your weight in pounds as protein. Unless you over ate, this would mean sacrificing either carbohydrates or fats. If this is low quality carbohydrate or saturated fats, this is excellent choice to make. However, protein puts a strain on your kidney as it is digested. This is because your body needs to remove excess nitrogen. This can even result in acute dehydration. This is especially true of protein from meat. Ideally, you want this intake to be from a mix of meat, fish, plants and vegetables. Many nuts and seeds like hemp and chia have protein and can be a good source. Whey supplements are useful. Especially if you are vegetarian and cannot find enough protein in your food no matter how hard you look.

Nutrition is a strange science. Unlike mathematics which deals with precision, nutrition is largely about hazarding guesses. Each of us have different lifestyles, eating habits and fitness regimes. It is difficult to create a one size fits all. Contradictory opinions abound. Everyone is an expert. You just have to find your own mean.

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    Mehul, yes becsae the body has to process excess nitrogen and this can potentially cause gout.

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