Water in a Copper Jug

Copper is a mineral that is found in the human body. It has healing properties as it helps your body make red blood cells and boosts immunity. It helps form collagen. It is also said to help as an antioxidant and in the reduction of free radicals. Copper also helps in the absorption of iron. Copper is also said to reduce the onset of cognitive degenarative diseases such as Alzeimers. In short, your body needs copper or more accurately needs approximately 900 micrograms daily. Depending on your diet, it is relatively difficult to ensure that you get copper daily and therefore drinking one glass of water from a copper jug might be useful. Other sources of copper include liver (veal),  oyestors, sesame seeds and dark chocolate (typically with at least 70% cocoa). Given its wonderful healing properties make sure to get the required amounts of copper.