There is a constant chatter inside your head. “Oh damn I can’t find my keys. I am going to be late. What will the Joneses think? Why should I care about what they think? It’s so cold. My pants are so tight. I am putting on weight. Why is my wife always late?” From the mundane to the profound there is incessant chatter. Why does the voice in your head exist?

There is a lot of information streaming your way as you experience reality. Not all of it is important. As we experience reality we need to process it. This allows us to comprehend. More importantly it allows us to normalise our reality in a way that we can cope. Imagine you are watching a fire raging. Unprocessed you would not know how to deal with it. It’s the voice in your head that normalises your reality and talks you through it. “Its a fire. However, it seems far away. By the time it reaches me it will die out. In any case I can always escape to safer ground. I wonder what caused the fire?”  Imagine if you didn’t have that voice talking to you. You might not know how to cope and become paralysed with fear. The voice has utility!

For a large part of our existence we are not dealing with emergencies. The voice does not however stop. What ever is an important part of your stream of experiences surfaces to the top and creates chatter. Your conscious experiences the story your voice is telling, not reality itself. Of course the voice is not you. You are in fact the person listening to the voice. This is an important distinction.

According to Ekhart Toole it is the understanding of this distinction that is the launching pad of the journey into your self growth. Being able to cope with reality with out needing that voice is the start of spiritual awakening.