Virrudha Amma

I have written in the past about how certain foods do not combine well. I also mentioned that the time of day matters when you eat a particular type of food. For example, it is common sense that fruit can ferment in your stomach. Therefore eating fruit on an empty stomach is best. Ayurveda calls this Viruddha Anna or incompatible diet. It is believed to be the source of many systemic and metabolic disorders in your body. There is an easy way of evaluating this science. Eat a hot spice. The temperature of your body will probably rise, and you may sweat. Now have some mint, it will calm your body. It is therefore clear that different food impacts your food differently. Some just don’t combine well. Some foods turn indigestible when processed a certain way.

We know that green or black tea has catechins. These are known to have a positive impact on your heart. When you combine tea with milk, the casein in the milk reduces the concentration of catechins. This combination dilutes the benefits of tea. Similarly, deep-frying potatoes (think french fries or snacks) can create toxic substances. Banana and milk combine poorly. So if your idea of a great breakfast is a banana smoothie, maybe it is time to use Google to do some research. I am guilty of this as it is my breakfast, but fruit and yoghurt do not combine well either. Potentially even more dangerous is the combination of food with a particular type of drug; if you take Allegra and drink Apple juice or have alcohol along with your Acetaminophen (think Tylenol).

The general advice on what goes into your meal is simple. Try and stick to food combination that your family has been eating for generations. There is a reason you ate five vegetables, a small bowl of rice, lentil, curd and pickle. It was a meal well combined.