Trust & Belief

Do you know what your boundaries are? The boundaries of your capacity to do something for example? Honestly, know? It is doubtful that you do. Especially if you are like the majority of human beings, who tend to live in their comfort zone. Much like the slowly boiling frog who gets comfortable, you believe that the peak of your capacity is to walk thirty minutes a day or run three miles. You may have decided that you cant read books or that mathematics is beyond you. It does not matter what you set these boundaries for. Once you have decided that there is a boundary, it quickly becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Why do we set these limits for ourselves?

There is an inherent comfort in knowing that you can do something and be able to do it then. It sets off a great positive feedback loop. Pushing yourself to try and live a healthy lifestyle would reacquaint you with your limits, wouldn’t it? Surely, that would only add to your already low self-esteem and state of depression. Doesn’t a famous study ask you to focus on your strengths? Human Beings have a great talent at rationalizing their way out of any situation.

The truth is you have no limits or limitations. Except for what you believe. If you engage in anything with a passion and the willingness to overcome the apparent initial hiccups, you are capable of doing pretty much anything. Want to climb a mountain? Sure you can. Want a new career? Sure you can. I am not asking you to run in a million directions. All that I ask is not to set limits on what is possible. Stories abound of people who achieved the impossible. Ask them if they knew in advance that they could, and the answer will be a Universal NO. They just trusted themselves and set themselves free. So can you!


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.