Toxins are harmful agents found in our environment created by plants, animals and other sources that are poisonous to human being. Toxins can be found as mercury in our fish, the azodicarbonamide in our yoga mats, and compounds in our plastics. They can be ingested through food, water or the air you breathe. A toxin becomes harmful when you take in an amount that is larger than the tolerance of your body.

Therefore the approach you need to take to deal with toxins is two-fold. One, work to reduce the amount of toxins you may be taking in and two, undertake activities to de-toxify your body.

There are several ways in which we add toxins to our diet. For example, roasting nuts converts the healthy fats into unhealthy fats or toxins. Foods that contain a higher than normal sodium content are toxic. The same goes for foods that are fried.

The air we breathe in also contain toxins especially if you are a smoker (direct inhalation) or a passive smoker (indirect inhalation). Living in highly polluted cities does the same to your body as smoking cigarettes does. Therefore taking up activities that detoxify your body is essential.

Fasting or even reducing the amount of food you are consuming is one of the simplest and best ways to detox especially reducing the amount of carbohydrates or sugar in your food. Jumping into a sauna or steam room also helps. Drinking lots of water or green tea is another great way to detoxify. Lastly, exfoliation of your skin by using a skin brush, oil massage or even a loofah (in case you dont already) are good ways to detoxify your body.