The Third Man

Have you ever been confronted with a severe life threatening crisis? One, from which you have no hope of escaping but someone still live to tell the story? I have been through over ten such experiences (a story for another day) in my brief lifetime. Depending on how you choose to live your life, you can consider yourself extremely lucky or at grave risk. At such times, it would be wonderful to have a guardian angel to walk with you. It is known as The Third Man Phenomenon.

Walking to the South Pole, Ernest Shackleton and his team walked for 36 hours to reach Stromness with a pick ax and a rope. Later, the team of three reported the felt presence of a fourth person (strangely reported as the third man) who walked with them. The person helped and guided them on their journey. The group of men refused to talk much about this believing that such things were not spoken about. However, such phenomenon are not uncommon. Others, including Frank Smyth, reported offering food to the person walking with him to the summit of Mount Everest. He was alone.

The power of the human mind has been tapped only partially. At moments of crisis it is not unimaginable that we create the neural pathways to unlock into this reservoir. After all, our survival is at stake. This can easily manifest as hallucinations and imagery driven by hunger, pain and thirst. This cannot however explain the ability to do things that you were previously incapable of doing. In my case, in one such encounter, I found myself being able to speak a language I didn’t know. Obviously I wasn’t fluent but I could communicate and be understood. Strangely, once the experience was over, you could not get me to construct one sentence in the same language.

Intense and specific training can elevate the capacity of your mind. Much like the physical Universe, there are trillions and trillions of Universes waiting inside your untapped mind.