Your response time is shocking and really impressive. You are a genius and a super organized person and you have all your fundamentals really clear which obviously was apparent from the discussion and all our prior interactions. It amazes me that you have made a transformation plan in such detail and very specific

Satisfied Client

My Type II Diabetes has completely reversed thanks to your intervention. I now believe that many lifestyle diseases can be reversed just by understanding how nutrition, sleep and exercise impact your body.

– Satisfied Client

My life changed due to the intervention made by Ritesh. I was unfit and had a poor diet with visceral fat. The intervention by Ritesh transformed my life. I lost almost 15 kgs, I now run 6 miles every day and have also started strength training and swimming. I feel fit

– Pradip Bansal

I have lost 25 pounds thanks to you which has made me healthier and happier and that too without joining the gym or doing any serious exercise. The best part is, it was not a crash diet where you end up starving yourself and end up regaining most of the lost weight.

– Anirudh Pachisia