In my earlier posts, I have talked about the heart rate and the benefits of increasing your heart rate to your aerobic or even anaerobic zones. Tabata was created by Izumi Tabata the trainer of the Japanses Olympic skating team. He found that shorter but high intensity work outs resulted in the same benefits as workouts of longer duration but moderate intensity.

A tabata workout is short bursts of intense exercise, say running at your peak spead for 20 seconds and then rest  for 10 seconds in sets of 8 i.e. your repeat your running 8 times. It is important to exercise at peak capacity during the 20 seconds. When you do this regularly, the bodies metabolism improves and the benefits last even when you have stopped exercising.

To use the benefits of Tabata, it is best if you are already moderately healthy as this form of exercise causes a dramatic jump in your heart rate. Also, this is a demanding form of exercise and therefore building it into your work out once a week or alternatively adding it to your regular run in intervals may be the best way to benefit from this.