Your sweat says a lot about you. It was inevitable that science would tap into it. Sweat comes loaded with ions and complex proteins. This is a treasure trove of information about your health. Unlocked, it can provide information ranging from drug abuse to athletic performance. Your sweat provides information at a molecular level. Scientists have therefore developed a patch to access this data. This allows a non-invasive way to read body signals.

The notion of using sweat is not new. Previously, sweat was collected and analysed in laboratories. This provided a snap shot of your health. A new patch developed can be slapped onto your skin. This now provides real time and temporal data about you. The patch relays the information to your phone. The patch can monitor glucose, potassium, sodium, lactate and body temperature. Potassium and sodium indicate lack of hydration and muscle fatigue. Glucose indicates blood sugar levels. Skin temperature indicates that you may be working out too hard or you are unwell. Currently, the patch only monitors the composition of the sweat. It does not measure net change or quantum or sweat.

Future versions will include the ability to monitor complex materials. These include minerals such as lead and mercury. This can be invaluable to people working in hazardous conditions. Also, future patches will measure flow of sweat. This will provides athletes with rich data when they train.

Quantum physicists already believe everything is connected. While perception may deceive; you and your arm chair are really connected, materially. At least at the atomic and sub atomic level. Technology is developing the architecture and plumbing to make everything talk to each other. Hopefully, we will all live in harmony. By the way, what song does your body sing?