Summing it up

Human Beings are a complex species. You can blame it on the fact that it took 14 billion years to get here. Being healthy is surprisingly simple. I attempt to condense the key things I wrote in 2016 about health. No magic bullet, five broad themes instead.

Watching what you eat is key. Poor nutrition does more harm than almost anything else.  Watch how many grams of carbohydrates, fats and proteins you are eating.  Over eating poor quality fat and carbs results in excess body fat. Pick carbs with a low glycemic index and mono or poly saturated fats. Also, ensure that you consume all your Vitamins and Minerals. Each plays a role in keeping you alive. Poor eating choices increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and a multitude of other illnesses.

Your muscles deteriorate with time, especially post thirty. This results in your metabolism slowing down. Also, it causes reduced mobility and strength. Everyone should strength train to maintain and build muscles. Its never too late to start. You will be grateful that you did as your body ages.

Your heart is an active muscle. It needs exercise to remain strong. The effective way to do this is to perform an activity that takes your heart rate to between 70-85% of your maximum heart rate. Running for example. Running does not build muscles the same way as strength training does. Therefore ideally you should do both.

Spending some time meditating changes the cortex of your brain. Meditation makes you use the neural pathways that is focused on the present moment. This allows you over time to realise that the present moment is the only reality. This simple truth will set you free from most anxiety.

Your body accumulates toxins from its environment. Sources includes pollution,  toxic fumes, what you eat, the clothes you wear and the soap you use. These toxins create free radicals in your body which ultimately may lead to cancer. Detoxifying your body reduces the risk of cancer. Sitting in a sauna, consuming foods that are anti-oxidants, taking a hot-cold shower and intermittent fasting are some ways in which you can reduce toxins.

I have written everyday this past year. I managed to reach out to several thousand people across 60 countries. It is my hope that I made a small difference.