Success in the field of medicine is not an easy achievement. Many ailments have been addressed in the past hundred years. Especially, those that are infectious diseases. The gap is in our understanding of what the underlying problem is. Once that is understood, human ingenuity goes to work to uncover solutions. Some of the biggest discoveries including penicillin and the gene have happened in the recent past. At times, solutions elude you because of misinformation or contradictory forces. These have an interest in perpetuating myths, legends and stories that serve some purpose. So it is with the weight and weight loss business.

Workout to lose six inches’ an advertisement says! Well, there is almost no connection between working out and losing inches. When someone promises that you will lose six inches, I suppose they are talking about overall mass. Can’t happen. Not unless you live in the gym and even then, you will hit your capacity to work out per day. Losing weight is a simple function of input and output. How much you eat. Well ok, the quality of what you eat as well. You do burn calories when you exercise. However, the amounts are so small that any weight loss program dependent entirely on exercise is likely to fail. Exercise is to train your heart muscles, lungs and body muscles to be strong. This will pay you long term. Not in lost weight though.

A small measure of success is when people start calling folks in your house to ask what you eat. Over the past 2 years, literally hundreds of people have effectively lost weight by following the simple advice I have given. If this was a career, I would be a wealthy person. To me, success would be when every person that we can help has been helped. Spread the word. Please!


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.