Strength Training

“Stop running, its a waste of time” said my trainer to me one day. Stop running? Surely you jest Mr. Trainer? But he wasn’t joking and really wanted me to stop running and spend that time building my muscles, core and otherwise. In essence what he was referring to is the amazing ability of the body to adapt to the “stress” that you inflict on it and before too long, the benefits of that stress plateau’s and the incremental benefits are marginal. A lot of people stick to the same routine everyday of walking, cycling or swimming for approximately the same duration and the body adapts to this quickly. Also depending on what you are doing, repeating the same exercise builds the same parts of your body and in that process potentially also aggravates those body parts.

Strength training on the other hand has a tremendous amount of flexibility built into its routines. First you can work out almost every part of your body and your muscle system. Second the intensity can continuously increase by increasing the repetitions or the weights. Third it also causes your heart rate to increase to close to your peak depending on the exercise you are doing which builds your cardio-vascular system. Forth in the process of lifting either your own weight or external weight you are breaking muscles fibre which rebuilds itself. Fifth while building your muscles, the body draws sugar from your body reducing your sugar levels which is great for people pre-disposed toward diabetes. Sixth weight training can be used to target visceral fat which is extremely dangerous fat. Finally, the benefits of building your muscles have a great impact on any other form of exercise that you may be interested in.Weight training should ideally be done with the advice of an expert as form, posture and the nature of the exercise have a impact on the outcome. The wrong style can easily result in long term injury.

So no, I didn’t stop running, I just love it too much and I didn’t just build the capacity to run long distances without stopping for nothing. I just added weight training to what I do and feel better for it.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.