Your body is always talking to you. No really! It may not be in the language of the Queen but there are signs everyday that tell you how you are treating your body. You ignore these signs only because you do not know what to look for or worse you know but ignore it. There are signs that are obvious and those that are not.

For starters if you are pear shaped, which means that your waist is bigger than your hip, there is no bigger sign that your body has a high fat percentage and is probably inflamed. However, if you also feel fuzzy, have bad breadth, feel fatigued, don’t sleep well, constantly get flu or allergies, have poor digestion and poor skin or hair your body is telling you that something is amiss. There are obviously many other signs that your body might give all of which will result in poor long term health. The problem with these signs are that they are often mild and can be ignored. After all, no one died of bad breath. Well maybe the people around you, but certainly not you.

The key to addressing these issues begins with just looking. These signs are all around you and in fact hard to miss. A blood test and a test for the composition of your body especially the percentage of body fat would be a good start. Depending on what you find, more comprehensive tests might be required to determine the nature of the problem. The challenge at this point is the diversity of problems that might be causing the signs and therefore the help of a good doctor is highly advisable to narrow it down. A good lifestyle that involves eating well, regular exercise and some thoughtlessness is always going to help, regardless of the nature of the problem. Stop ignoring these signs and who knows the people around you might stop buying you mouth fresheners. Oh yeah, you will also be healthier long term.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.