We have spoken in the past about not holding on to experiences. For the most the mind ignores most of what it experiences. However, the reverse is also true. At times, for things that matter to you, sensitivity can prove to be vital. Sensitivity is the attribute that allows you to be impacted by that around you. It can be physical or emotional or both. Imagine a five year old child who is scolded in school. Her sensitivity would cause reactions that can impact her for life. There are numerous stories of tyrants as well as great leaders who were shaped by experience. Shaped by what they allowed to get in.

Mankind has the ability to decide what they are sensitive to. It is a choice you make. If you were not born with the skill, you can learn the skill to choose. This is a pivotal choice. On this can turn your entire future. Sensitive to those with fancy cars? You will spend your entire life trying to emulate. Sensitive to those with mathematical genius? You will spend your life discovering your own mathematical limits.

The crucial question is – are you a a passive recipient of these experiences or do you have a choice? Can you for example alter the degree of sensitivity and how it shapes your life? Can you decide what you are sensitive to and why? Can you choose what the light shines on?

Great masters ask you to not blame your fate. Instead, they ask you to exercise a choice. It is this choice combined with your desires that shape your life. The scriptures tell us that we have several births in which we make choices. Perhaps. However, in each of these births, you should exercise as much control as you can bring to bear. You owe it to yourself.