Sea Vegetables

Our ancestors foraging for food may not have had easy access to the ocean and its produce relying more on the plants and vegetables close by. However, with global supply chains and convenience stores you only needs to walk down the aisle of a store. Now I know for modern man, this is quite a task but nevertheless let me present the benefits of taking those extra twenty steps and looking for sea vegetables.

Vegetables that grow in the sea or ocean are a treasure trove of nutrient and  minerals. Think hijinki, wakame, kelp, sea weeds, kombu, arame and nori. These vegetables are often available dried in your vegetable section. They are some of the most complete foods with natural iodine, all the fifty six trace minerals including zinc, selenium and Vitamins A, E and C.

These vegetables can be simmered and added to your regular salad and help lower cholesterol, help detoxify your body, fight constipation and helps you balance your minerals. They are also known to help prevent cancer, act as anti-oxidants and act as an anti coagulant which helps your body dissolve tumors, nodules, and swellings.

So when your mother told you to eat your vegetables, honestly she really knew what she was talking about. Just add the word sea before the vegetables that she spoke about, modern forager.