Scared to Death

My life is particularly difficult. I have serious issues at work. There are several medical issues in my immediate and extended family. Ongoing relationships have their ups and downs. Members of my family have serious disagreements with me over various issues. I worry about financial security and my kids. I am unable to meet the expectation of people around me more often than not. This makes me feel depressed and sad. All of these collectively create a tremendous amount of stress for me. This causes hypertension or elevated blood pressure. I often eat to feel better.

No, I am not describing my own life. However, some version of this description could hold true for most of us. At any given point in time, a dip stick would reveal that a life like I described is par for course. Of course, you would be well placed to justify the anxiety you feel. Yet!

Scientists have shown that at any given point you have two options. You can grow or you can survive. This has been shown to be true even at the cellular level. So if you spend a large part of your energy stressed, you are able to activate only your survival mode. After all, you are under perceived threat, aren’t you?  What is interesting is that apparently, you cannot do both, at least not at the same time. So if all your energy is expended warding perceived threats, you are not growing. Make no mistake, growing is as much a part of survival as doing the best you can.

So let go of perceived threats and worries and embrace life like it is meant to be enjoyed. Perhaps, everything hasn’t worked out. You have a better chance of making it work in growth mode. Go out and blossom, life will take care of itself.

PS: I owe this understanding of life to my wife who taught me that positivity impacts you at a cellular level. A big thank you to her.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.