Running in the Rain [Reading Time 1 Min]

I was fifteen when a friend asked me to walk in the rain. Walk in the rain? Don’t you normally run indoors even before you smell rain? I don’t recall ever walking in the rain intentionally but that once.

Last evening, it began to rain as I drove home. My first thought as I saw the rain lash down was “I should go and run.” I had already run in the morning but nevertheless, I put on my shoes and ran outside. The streets were empty.  The few onlookers looked at me strangely. Clearly I had lost my senses, but little did they know that my mind had switched off and I was no longer “thinking” enough to notice. As the cold rain lashed against my face, all I could feel was the joy of running.

It was not like it had not rained before, so what prompted this change in my reaction to rain? The only change I have made in my life has been to eat mindfully, exercise and meditate. The results take time but suddenly you wake up one day, knowing you are a different person. There cannot be a better reason to get started.