On 26th April 1986, a catastrophic nuclear disaster occurred in Chernobyl. An explosion and fire released large quantities of radio active material into the atmosphere. It went on to acquire the label of being the worst nuclear disaster in terms of time and lives lost. More recently when an earthquake struck Japan in 2011, its nuclear plants in Fukushima were hit and radioactive material was released into its surroundings. Such incidents though not common place raise alarms about the hazards of dealing with radio active materials.

Closer home, our appliances emit something called EMR or Electro Magnetic Radiation. An electro magnetic field is created around all electric appliances, a metallic wire for example, when an electric current is running through it. EMR can seep through most materials including the walls of your home, the cover in which the electric appliance was housed and therefore understanding the levels of radiation is more important than I initially thought while researching this subject. This includes potential hazards even when some appliances are switched off but in stand by mode. The electric motor in your air-conditioner, your television, laptop, cell phone etc all emits different levels of radiation. Your cellular company which you cant do without emits radiation as it connects your cell phone to the tower. Your microwave does the same using electro magnetic radiation to heat the food. EMR is all around us.

Common safety precautions include not getting too close to the source of radiation, not staring into the microwave (to see if the cake is baked) while its on, watching television from at least 2 meters away, using radioactive frequency blocking material such as wall paper and most importantly shutting down devices when not in use. On a random search, I recently discovered that my phone had been nominated as one of the top five cell phones that emit radiation beyond acceptable limits prompting me to change my phone. Slowly, I am better understanding the potential risks of EMR at home and in a systematic manner reducing or eliminating the risks. There is no reason why you should not consider doing the same without affecting your lifestyle in any manner.