Where ever you live in the world chances are that you may have spent the past few days feasting, staying up late, meeting friends and generally breaking most of your vows to eat clean. With the world celebrating many festivals including Halloween and Diwali, its not your fault. If this has begun to show up on your waist or face or even otherwise, it may be time to try Panchakarma.

Panchakarma is a special cleansing practice advocated by Ayurveda. It can be done two to three times a year and helps cleanse your body of ama and toxins deep within your tissues. Panchakarma requires you to ingest increasing amounts of clarified butter or ghee in the morning starting with 2 tea spoons and going up to 9 spoons on the 4th day. The ghee contains something called butyric acid. Your gut converts the healthy fibre that you consume into butyric acid naturally and the ingestion of ghee supplements this. Surprisingly, ingesting ghee both helps your burn body fat and also remove the fat soluble toxins that do not get flushed out easily. If you combine this with eating khidchi (see here), brushing with a hard brush, deep oil massages, drinking turmeric tea and bathing twice a day, your body effectively flushes out a lot of toxins built up over many years. At the end of the four day process you need to take a laxative to flush out all your toxins.

The benefits of panchakarma are significant. It flushes bile from your body and stimulates the liver to make new bile. It flushes out toxins that are ordinarily hard to eliminate. This leads to the stimulation of new healthy bacteria being created in your gut. It facilitates fat metabolism and weight loss and the massages lubricate and soften hardened tissues on your body. The release of ama and toxins results in a healthy you in a short span of four days.

While this process is usually considered safe, it is always advisable to do this under supervision from an Ayurvedic expert. This is especially true if you have contra-indications such as predisposition to cardiac ailments or other medical ailments.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.