Oxygen Anyone?

We need oxygen to live. However, did you know that the ability to take in more oxygen is good for you? I didn’t and just realized this recently. Your body does not make oxygen and therefore has to ingest it from the external environment. How much you take in matters. Oxygen is necessary to oxidize the nutrients in your body and not just so that you can breathe. Healthy cells in your body require oxygen to breathe, without which they die. Therefore if you don’t get adequate oxygen, your body is literally dying every second. Yes, breathe up!!

There are several ways to increase the amount of oxygen that you take in.

Exercise, especially aerobic exercises helps you build the capacity of your lungs to take in more oxygen. As your lungs expand, over time, your body develops the ability to take in more oxygen.

Alkaline Diet can result in your being able to take in up to twenty percent more oxygen. Therefore cutting down on meats and substituting it with leafy vegetables especially darker leafy vegetables results in both increased alkalinity and an increased ability to take in oxygen.

Raw Foods because they retain the water in the food better than when cooked. This increase the amount of oxygen going into your body in the form of water.

Pranayama which if done well results in the same benefits as running, swimming or other forms of exercise. Essentially you are teaching your body how to breathe in pranayama and this results in the ability to take in more oxygen.

So switch from gasping and panting to training your body to breathe better. Your cells will thank you for it with longevity and good health.