On Demand

We live in a world that is labelled the “On Demand Economy.” Everything we need is available on tap and if there already isn’t an app to solve for it, in the next one hour some ten year old kid would have hacked it in his garden. From food to a taxi ride and from bed and bath to your grocery the promise is that it is always delivered promptly.

Playing to this same need, you see solutions being offered to lose four inches in fourteen days or thirty pounds in four weeks. Mediation courses are offered for the hour, and of course all your worries and problems will have been resolved at the end of that magical hour. I suppose it would be a hard sell if someone were to say give me three years of your life and I will make you fit. We need it now and if nothing else, at least the initial trap probably has to be instant results. However, too many people give up when this does not happen as their motivation fades with reality setting in.

I am sure someday biology and technology will find answers to our mind and body with a one hour pill. Till then, we need to accept that if you are starting the journey to get fit or work on your mind, the time horizons that you are dealing with are unfortunately on the magnitude of months and years. Nothing is instant if you are building your quadriceps and if its your cerebral cortex that you are trying to work on through meditation even a decade may not be uncommon. Given our hunger for instant, we over train as though somehow if we were to put in massive amounts of time for one week, suddenly everything would be different. All you end up doing is probably robbing your body of vital minerals and worse muscle as your body compensates for the extra energy requirement by digging inside.

To anyone wanting to become healthy or more focused, perhaps for now, the important thing to start with is patience. This is not instant coffee.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.