One of the most common questions I get asked is whether your genes impacts how lifestyle affects you. Or do your eating habits, sleep and exercise affect you differently. The simple answer is yes. Your genetic make up does seem to have an impact. The most obvious place to look is in your body structure. Depending on the type of body structure that you have, you are more predisposed to be impacted by food, strength training or otherwise. Before you go running away and blaming your grandparents for everything, remember this is merely one possible factor. A host of other things including sleep, stress, biomarkers, age et al impact how your body reacts to what you do.

Is is therefore possible to take this to the next level? Can you have yourself tested for your genetic make up and curate food that suits you? One company certainly seems to think so. They use a mix of blood tests and genetic tests to understand how your body reacts to food. Are you able to process carbohydrates better than others? Their tests helps determine the ideal mix between carbs, protein and fat. It even goes so far as to suggest the level of vitamins and minerals that you may need. Hell, they will even send you a personalized meal if you are too lazy to do it yourself or don’t trust your own cooking skills. Certified by the American Heart Association and the European Foods Safety Authority, you have almost nothing to worry about.

Genetic science is still in its early days. In the near future, almost every aspect of your life including the medication you take will be personalized for you. You still have to run or weight train or swim though. Unless you can outsource that to a robot someday that is.