Your body produces something called Gc Protein. When this protein combines with Vitamin D, it turns into something called GcMAF. This GcMAF or Gc protein is what is used by microphages to destroy cancer cells in your body. When your ability to produce Gc protein is compromised, it can erode your immunity over the long term leading to all kinds of complications. Nagalese is an extra cellular enzyme that is secreted by cancer cells in the process of invasion. It has variations which are also secreted by the HIV virus or also common viruses. Nagalese inhibits the ability of your body to bind Gc protein with Vitamin D and produce GcMAF required to fight the cancer or other intrusion. Long term therefore, the secretion of nagalese prevents your body from using its natural capacity to fight.

Reports have been suggesting the presence of nagalese in your vaccines. These are the vaccines that we give our children for measles, smallpox etc. Currently, there is no evidence for this but there are those who are suggesting that the pharmaceutical industry may knowingly allowing nagalese to be injected along with the vaccine to cause long term immune suppression. The people who allege this cite the fact that cancer is an industry that requires billions of dollars to be spent on treatment and cure and therefore propagating cancer might prove beneficial to the industry.

I am not from the medial profession and therefore clearly not qualified to comment on the veracity of this issue. My opinion instead is that it is clear that the presence or absence of nagalese in your body seems to be an indicator of the risk of cancer. It may be useful to speak to your doctor about this. Also, even the pharmaceutical industry admits that medication has non specific impact meaning that if you are trying to solve a toe ache, the medicine is not currently targeted only at the toe. Some of this can have non intended outcomes, which the medical profession loosely buckets as side effects.

PS: thank you to my good friend for pointing me in the direction of Nagalese


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.