Having a migraine is a reasonably common thing nowadays. Over 15% of the World’s population is estimated to suffer from migraines. The nature of a headache leaves millions reeling in pain, unproductive and unable to even get out of bed. Many shun all forms of light or sound both being unbearable. To date, science has been unable to pinpoint just why they occur or how to cure them. Those who suffer either take medication at that time or worse long-term medicines to suppress the pain.

One view is that the flow of blood to your brain is constricted causing said a headache. This pain is a form is ischemia or an attack on the brain. Another theory claims that it is a disturbance in the electrical field in your brain. A new theory has been gaining ground that claims that a migraine is simply your brain’s way of protecting itself. Whenever your brain undergoes oxidative stress, as a means to protect itself, the brain gives itself a headache so that you can rest and recover.¬†Think of it like catching your breath after climbing five floors to ward of oxygen deprivation. Similarly, your brain undergoes stress when free radicals build up in your body causing damage to your overall system. When this happens, migraines strike as a defense mechanism causing a body-wide release of serotonin and a decrease in electrical activity. Doing so prevents long-term damage to your brain.

It is still unclear which of the many reasons ascribed causes the pain. Those who suffer would easily make the case that they would instead not care as long as an answer was found, so debilitating can be the pain. Whatever the reason, most people link migraines to stress in some form so perhaps meditating can also relieve a part of the symptoms.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.