Meta Intelligence

Futurists have predicted the demise of the human being. Homo Sapiens at least. It is inevitable they say. Almost all species die. We will be replaced by machines. The very same machines that we helped create. This is not even very far away and depending on how old you are, you may even be witness. Will it happen over night as it is hypothesised happened to the dinosaur or will there actually be an Armageddon like battle to the bitter end. Is it possible that the doomsayers are completely wrong. Instead, homo sapiens will be replaced by a better version of themselves? The notion of versioning is not new. Nature has constantly built better version of living things. Only the timescales were different.

Research has already shown that we can isolate parts of our brain. Identify the nerve receptors that cause pleasure or pain. Ongoing research will solve the issues of knowledge transfer, manipulation of emotions, triggers for physicality and perhaps even a button to turn off the love of ice-cream. Once this is complete, the human brain will be on the cloud (connected to a global network of computers). This will help create Homo Sapien 2.0 or Homo Deus (thank you Noah Harari)  if you prefer. You can even start to ace your math exams.

The interesting thing about this change will be the time-scale. Also, the possibility that the engineer behind this change will not be nature, but man. Imagine a new version of the homo sapien every eighteen months. What would happen to the nation state in such a scenario? Would we compete behind religious lines and geographic borders to build better versions or would humanity come together to create a single improved version? Will it take an existential threat before fault lines are blurred? What ever the outcome, I for one would love to be around to see this future. I always dreamt of getting straight A’s in all my exams.