Machines etc.

Say you have chosen to be a yoga instructor. Having trained from the Bihar School of Yoga, you have built a nice little practice with dedicated clients and gushing referrals. A job you love, one that pays you well and one that you are good at. You believe you are as far removed from the machine world as you possibly can be. After all, you do not work for a BPO, write code or build cars all of which are being automated as we speak. The march of the machine is unfortunately relentless.

In a recent invention, a yoga mat now comes with sensors that can detect where your body is applying pressure. A screen shows you the next move that you need to make and lights on the mat guide you to the exact spot your hands or feet should be to get into the necessary posture. The video has been made at a certain speed (frames per second) and therefore if you are moving slower the video slows down to allow you to catch up. For the technically inclined, this is not a function of a full body scan but just sensors telling the video where you are and the video responding accordingly. From what I could see, this version of the mat is two-dimensional in that it cant scan your body posture and ask you to sit straight. 3D scanners are not far away however as these yoga mats will evolve.

I know that the notion of machines taking over everything horrifies many. Yoga? Is nothing sacred? You could always be the luddite standing guard as the ocean of technology engulfs humanity. So far I have not encountered any technology that I have found truly scary but that day might not be far. In the mean time, your humble yoga mat just got hi-tech.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.