Long Cycle Change

We live in a world of instant gratification. Everything is made available on demand. If its not, we wish it were. From our taxi to our coffee – made famous by Amazon – everything should be ‘one click.’ If are not a millennial, perhaps, you still remember a time when things were not so. If you are, you do not know any other world. But of course, this extends to every aspect of our lives. We wish to lose 50 pounds in 10 days and complain about the lack of the one click button. If you live in India, you would know of the famous actor who transformed himself in a short span of six months from flab to astounding fitness. Such expectations set you up for failure.

If you are not already at peak fitness, do not be seduced by offers promising instant magic. Our mind and body are not designed so. At least not yet. Any serious effort to change would require you to work on your physical strength, mental strength, cardiac strength and clean eating. All of them can be started at once. None of them truly yield results in short cycles. Ask anyone who is trying to go even from 15% body fat to 12.

Therefore, if you already are on a journey toward health or if you are just embarking, plan for the long haul. It will set your frame of references appropriately. For no particular reason, I decided to choose a three year cycle. I promised to work on my nutrition the first year, my strength the second and my mind in the third. This is not to suggest that I was not doing anything about the my strength and mind. Just that I had more reasonable expectations going in. As the saying goes “have patience, all things are difficult before they become easy.”