First Lemon: I am really angry. I propose we go on strike.

Second Lemon: Do you think anyone would notice? And in any case, what is upsetting you so much?

First Lemon: I hate being called a lemon. Its derogatory. In this strange sounding language called English they calls things that are duds lemons. “Its a lemon” I believe is the phrase. 

Before long there was a full fledged battle on in the lemon world. Some were for, some against going on strike.

“Do they know that we have Protein, Copper, Vitamin C, Potassium, Folate, Thiamin, Magnesium and Vitamin E? How dare they call us a lemon?”

“Yes thats all very well. But you will be cut, crushed, and mixed with warm water and swallowed before you can say your name, first thing in the morning” 

“Exactly! Do you have any idea how good that is? It even makes their skin glow as I scavenge dead cells and eliminate free radicals. And they dare call me a lemon? Shakespeare, of all people, called me a lemon? Lets squirt lemon juice on all his books, that will show him.”

Last I heard the battle was still raging. The lemons were trying to figure out exactly how they should strike at the evil human empire. One smart lemon even tried quoting Shakespeare to say “A rose by any name would smell as sweet” to make his case. I hope they do not find their feet and get battle ready.

There are few others filled with mothers goodness as the humble lemon. It helps digestion, it detoxifies, it rejuvenates your skin, removes kidney stones, reduces fever, reduces blood pressure, elevates mood, helps you shed weight and even helps you fight cancer. Perhaps Shakespeare was confused when he used the word lemon to describe something unappealing. If you are not already, drink warm water and lemon first thing in the morn.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.