Isao Machii

I cant speak for the women out there but most of the boys I know dreamt of becoming superman when they grew up. In my case, I thought it was my seventh birthday when I would miraculously discover that stairs were for ordinary mortals. Unfortunately, all I managed on my seventh was to wistfully gaze out of the window and wish – only if. Wikipedia describes superhuman as powers that exceed those that are found in humans. If you take this statement literally, no human would ever be able to be superhuman, by definition. However, a select few of the 7.4 Billion, do exhibit skills and talents that are hard to describe as anything but superhuman.

Isao Machii is a Japanese laido master. He holds a number of Guinness records for his katana skills. His records include cutting a tennis ball travelling at 820 kms per hour. He has also been filmed cutting a bullet with his sword in the famous television series Stan Lee’s super humans. At speeds like this, it is not possible to use your eyes alone to react and respond and it is therefore believed that he is using extra sensory powers to be able to execute such feats. He is not alone as a number of people have shown capacity to extend human capacity from running all day in the hot desert to pulling large trucks.

It is important for a discerning mind to distinguish between a person extending existing human skills, for example how quickly can my hands and eyes react to an oncoming object, as opposed to genuinely demonstrating skills that do not exist in humans – seeing through thick walls. The first is probably easier to achieve through years of practice and training, 10,000 hours if Malcom Gladwell is to be believed. The second would definitely require intervention of some kind including but not limited to machine implants. Scientists postulate a post-human world in which those that survive would exhibit extraordinary powers. In the mean time, for the rest of humanity and people like me I satisfy myself by knowing that I am superman simply because I got out of bed to go run.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.