Intermittent Fasting

It is the holy month of Ramadan and most people from the Muslim faith fast through the month. My friend tells me that she eats only during the night and before 4 am and then does not eat at all till she breaks her fast the next night. This means that she is fasting for over sixteen hours daily.  For the ones who are able to, even water is not consumed. There are several ways to fast and this is one of them.

Intermittent fasting means that you fast more as a lifestyle than a specific event. In this form, you pack your eating schedule into a tighter window of say six to eight hours and do not eat the rest of the time. The time you sleep is included which makes this much easier.  If you eat breakfast at 8.00 am and then eat dinner before 6 pm you end up getting close to  fourteen hours of fasting. Another way to do this is to eat much less one day and then eat normally [you can’t make up for yesterday] the next day.

For those who already do it, you know that fasting has many benefits including increasing your metabolic rate, lowering insulin levels thereby burning more fat, reducing inflammation in your body, helping people with Alzheimer’s and related diseases and muscle gain. For many of us who have grown up believing that you need to eat well to live well, this may come as a surprise but medical research has established the benefits of fasting. If it makes it easier find your god or goddess to whom you can dedicate your fast or more simply do it for the love of your own body.