We are constantly looking for inspiration. Life is hard at many different planes. If you find someone who makes it seem easy or someone who can defy accepted norms to be extraordinary, it is worth a closer look. What brand of Cool Aid is he or she drinking that makes them that way? Is there a way to transfer the knowledge? Of course, an ideal outcome would be to be able to outsource to them. No not even low-cost labour, top dollar will be paid. If only! Perhaps if I told you who you might be outsourcing to, you might have second thoughts. A 105-year-old man.

Robert Marchand is a former wine dealer. He currently holds the record for cycling 26.92 kilometres in an hour. He had good health all his life. However what was fascinating was his ability to improve his fitness having crossed the age of hundred. Many of us would dream to live to be a hundred, leave alone improving our health. Here was someone who increased his VO2 by 13% at age 103. Not just that his cycling speed went up as well. At age 103 he beat his record set two years ago.

His secret? Eating lots of fruits, yoghurt and vegetables. He eats little meat. He has always lived an incredibly healthy life. He was a participant in the 1935 Grand Prix des Nations. He finished seventh. You and I were still living out our previous birth, perhaps.

There is something truly inspiring about such people. Are they made from synthetic genes? The answer lies surprisingly in two factors. Habit and Understanding. The ability to do what is right for you every day. The knowledge to know what those practices should be. As for Robert, if you thought he was sitting back drinking beer now, think again. He just set the record of cycling 22.547 kilometres as a 105-year-old.