Impossible is nothing. If there is one lesson I have learnt in the past two years it is this. I spent a fair amount of my growing years in the city of Bombay, now Mumbai. At times I would go to bed in the wee hours of the morning and rise only to greet the mid-day sun, albeit briefly. After a few hours spent gawking at society, I went back to fun and frolic. I ate sparingly, and only  ate saturated fats and carbohydrates believing I was infallible. It was only after I crossed that magical number 30 that the years began to manifest themselves as puffiness. Soon there was puffiness sprouting from all angles of the compass. Ah the ignorance of youth!

I know and have spoken about the trigger that made me change – my good friend Ravi. What I have not been able to pinpoint is the motivation that made me persist. Was it vanity? Understanding? Wisdom? Good advice? Hard to tell but persistence and the support of those around me certainly made a difference. Soon I was recognisably different. Actually, unrecognisably to be more accurate because it astonishes me to meet people I have known all my life who run into me and then look past me. They don’t recognise me and no I am not talking about society snobs. In this process, what I learnt was that someone with poor motivation, lack of desire and years of decay can change. Really! Impossible is nothing. This morning I ran on the famous Queens Necklace, Marine Drive. Most days when I run my mind is blank but today it was hard to stop thinking of me walking out of the Cellar discotheque and then driving on Marine Drive. Running on Marine Drive was for fools. And yet, here I was greeting the morning light – running. Running?

A lot of the people I speak with tell me how they are too old, have many ailments, severe knee aches, sugar, back pains, etc. Read the book written by the ultra marathoner Amit Seth. Impossible is nothing. Better still get your parents to start, especially if they have crossed 60. Get them to run, get them to engage in resistance training, get them to lift weights, get them to eat better. They will love you for it and will live longer while they are at it.

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