Holding On

Imagine you are driving on Highway 29. The car moves along but slow enough for you to take in the sights. Your eyes take in trees, cars, people and hoardings as they pass by. There, someone who has dressed up like Elvis just drove by. A shiny Harley with its trademark roar leaves you behind effortlessly. What did you take in? What affected you? What made you sad? Not much, I would hope. It was not meant to. Why would you classify every tree, count every car or measure the greenness of every leaf? Do  you need to feel the pain of the tree that died in the storm yesterday? Its not important, your rational mind tells you. Exactly! Your cognitive capacity is actually meant to filter out information. There is simply too much out there. So what did you hold on to the past year?

As we live our lives, there is a cacophony. Experiences, emotions, feelings, grief, envy, jealousy. The list is endless. It is hard not to feel in the moment. Imagine you just got some news, good or bad. Even a trained stoic would react. The question is, what do you retain? Have you been able to train your mind to retain only that which is useful. Or nothing at all? You are not meant to!

Life is about opening yourself to experiences. Imagine each experience to be a fire. Would you like to hold on to its ashes? What most of us end up doing is just that. The experience is long gone, its after glow not so much. Emotions and feelings well up; some happy, many not so much. All it takes is a smell to flood your mind again with emotions. It was an experience well lived. But it’s moment has passsed. You really should let go. It consumes precious energy.

Letting go requires you to simplify your life. It needs your disciplined mind to know with blinding clarity what is truly important. The rest? It really does not matter, just like the scenery from your car. May this year be the one in which you realise what is important to you. One in which you can let go the rest. Happy New Year! Stay Blessed.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.