Hard Brush

When I was first told to use a hard brush, I laughed loud and hard. I am not a horse or so I thought. One of the important goals toward a healthful life is to remove toxins from your body. Dead skin contains a lot of bacteria and germs and while of course you shed skin naturally, helping the process along the way is a great way to remove toxins.

The benefits of dry skin brushing are many. When you brush your skin, you improve the circulation of your blood. The benefits to your blood circulation and the resultant stimulation of your lymphatic system helps in the removal of harmful toxins. Brushing also removes dead skin leaving your skin glowing, if done right. For those who suffer from stretch marks and cellulite, brushing also helps reduce the visible effects. The bristles from the brush also help clean the pores of your skin by removing oils and dirt that have built up over time.

Brushing is best done in the morning, preferably just before you shower. This allows you to  wash away the dead skin that the brush has exfoliated. Brushing is best done from your feet up, moving the brush in the direction of your heart. Sensitive areas of your body require softer pressure and your soles require more pressure. Remember to wash the brush frequently with warm water and soap.

I don’t have a recommendation for a specific brush, but a quick search will reveal a host of options. In the end it turned out that it was not so bad being a horse after all.

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