A friend recently made fun of me for my post on using your hands to eat. Eat your greek yogurt with your hands she mocked. I was genuinely stumped. Not one to give up, I scoured the world for my pithy come back. Goute! French for gut. Goute cela which apparently means taste this in French! Yes, taste this. Goute is the name ascribed by Andreas Fabian to his invention. Its a spoon shaped like your fingers. When you use it, it makes your senses believe that you are eating with – yes you guessed it – your fingers. This according to the experts makes your food taste better.

Made from glass or wood it allows those who are used to cutlery to re-create the sense of using your hands. It is believed that there is a unique experience in eating with your hands; even licking your fingers. This triggers responses in your brain that helps produce the appropriate digestive enzymes.

Several experts now work in a developing field known as gastrophysics. This is the science that studies the impact of visual cues, light, food presentation, food size, neuroscience and experimental psychology on our eating habits. These studies reveal for example that you are likely to eat less if you eat alone (I would have thought people would binge eat out of loneliness), enjoy your food more if you order quickly, believe that food tastes better if its more expensive (regardless of actual taste) and also that wine tastes better if consumed under red light. Armed with this knowledge, researchers are working to change the way food is served and consumed world over.

As for me, no I never did end up trying to eat the yogurt with my hands. I am instead waiting for her to buy me a Goute instead.



Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.