Garmin Fenix 3 [1 min read]

Garmin has quietly added automatic sleep detection to its range of tracking devices. I woke up this morning and noticed that my Garmin Connect had apparently tracked when I had gone to sleep and when I woke up. I was happy to note that I had managed a seventy percent deep sleep in the seven hours that I slept. However, I could have sworn that I had not turned on the go to sleep mode on my watch. Quick research showed that Garmin had indeed turned on an auto detect for when you go to sleep in March of this year. Other fitness devices such as Fitbit have had this for a while so its nice that Garmin has caught up.

For those who find the Fenix 3 HR too big, there are other versions out there that fit a smaller wrist better. As for me,  I find myself discovering new features in the watch almost everyday and have grown to love it.