Flaxseeds – the food of Gods

A 100 gms of flaxseeds contains 42 grammes of fat of which Polyunsaturated fats are 29 grammes, Monounsaturated fats are eight grammes, and saturated fats are 3.7 grammes. It has 18 gms of protein. It also contains 813 mg of Potassium, 25% of your daily requirement of Calcium, 31% Iron, 25% Vitam B-6 and 98% of Magnesium. It has 29 gms of carbs, but since it has 27 gms of fibre, the net carbs are only two gms. It also has Omega 3. In short, this is food for the gods.

The human body best absorbs flaxseeds when it is ground instead of whole seeds, so find a coffee grinder to grind it fine and mix it up with your yoghurt, lentils or pretty much anything that has some flavour. I have even had it just as it is in power form. The benefits of flaxseeds are manifold.

Flaxseeds consumed regularly inhibit or prevent hypertension, skin cancer, depression, liver disease, cholesterol, prostate cancer, breast cancer.

Remember, flax seeds soak a lot of water so don’t consume it in raw form, instead grind it and then consume it.Also, do not heat flaxseeds as they are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids which cause oxidation when heated. The property of flaxseeds to react to heat means you should not cook with flaxseed oil.



Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.