Five Amigo’s

In our modern world, we are constantly bombarded by a smattering of food. The food industry runs into billions of dollars. They would be failing if they didn’t entice. However, you are not defenceless. Information about nutrition abounds. If there is a chink in the armour, it is the habit. To eat things that are not healthy. Once acquired it’s a hard thing to shake off. You are best served not forming the habit in the first place. Over the years I have assembled a list of food I would avoid at all cost.

Food made from a combination of refined flour, fat and salt or sugar. Your body is incapable of processing the overload of carbohydrates, sugar/salt and fat. Combination foods hit your digestive system all at once. A buttery, sugary biscuit for example.

Refined Flour by itself had little nutrition value. It has no Vitamins or Minerals. Shorn of the fibre, all that is left is empty calories. You are best served to avoid it altogether.

Aerated Drinks come with an overdose of sugar. Depending on what you are drinking this can range from ten to even thirty teaspoons. All this is doing is increasing your calorie load with absolutely no nutrition.

Processed Foods such as savoury snacks, crisps, canned vegetables, ready to eat meals, microwave popcorn, instant noodles. Processed foods invariably come with excess sodium. Additionally, they are often flash fried in questionable cooking oils. Potato or refined flour usually form the base for making processed foods. Enough said.

Finally, low-cost vegetable oils come with excess Omega 6. These oils are also known to cause inflammation. These oils can result in cardiac ailments.

The above is by no means an exhaustive or comprehensive list. However, I am sure you know it’s hard to avoid even this basic list.