Fitness Age

How old are you? I suppose I could be accused of being rude, especially if you my reader is a lady. Indulge me as you would a doctor. If you are beyond that number where you stop telling people how old, listen up. While your biological age is important, you might want to start paying attention to something else. Your fitness age.

Your fitness age is a function of your level of cardiorespiratory fitness. Coined by Ulrik Wisløff, Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, your fitness age measures the ability of the body to disperse and consume oxygen. The efficiency with which you breathe. There is a more commonly known measure of your ability to breathe. VO2. However, what Wisløff set off to do was to figure out how VO2 correlates to your actual level of fitness or fitness age. This gives you a simple number or measure of how old your body is physically.  Unless you work on it, your fitness age declines with age.

Worry not though. There is plenty you can do about this. For starters measure your fitness age by going to I did and was informed that my fitness age is that of a 20 year old (image on this post). This corroborates with my blood work, the results of which came back yesterday. My sugar, cholesterol etc. are all in the excellent range. Remember, I was unfit not very long back.

The key to this is not complicated. Execution obviously is complicated. Eating well. Sleeping well. Some form of cardiovascular exercise. Some form of strength training. Preferably some exercise that calms your mind.  There are two challenges. A lack of understanding for which add a dash of reading my posts and you are good to go. A lack of inertia. Well if I could solve everything I would be on the cover of Time, wouldn’t I?