Favourite Location

What is your favourite place? I know you have one. Everyone does. Some like it in the Northern hemisphere. Some like it South. Some of us wanting to be different like unique places. Places that come with the moniker “where no man has gone before.” Could you make up your mind? If you were thinking countries to travel to, sorry to disappoint. I refer here to what is your preferred location to store fat. Yes on your body. All of us have some or the other body part. Fat seems to transport itself from plate to aforementioned location as though flying on a magic carpet. You didn’t even eat the food.

Is there science to where fat goes? Turns out there is. This is a function of what you are eating and your lifestyle. Buts lets travel back in time a bit. From birth to age six fat cells triple in boys and girls. Both are treated equally. From age six to adolescence there is no increase. At adolescence, women grow fat cells at double the rate of men. Fat on your body is a function of the number of fat cells and also the size of fat cells. Just in case the men were heaving a sigh of relief saying thank god, I seemed to have dodged a bullet.

Coming back to the present. If you tend to store fat around the belly, it could be because of elevated intermittent stress. To cope, your body secretes cortisol. To reduce, yoga, exercise and meditation can help. Besides clean eating of course. If you tend to store fat around your hips and thighs, it could be due to elevated oestrogen levels. Avoiding external sources of oestrogen like soy and milk can help.

There is no way to spot treat fat. No amount of working out a body part will reduce the fat from a specific location. The only thing that works is managing overall health – eating better, cardio or strength training exercises and adequate sleep.

What did you say was your favourite location again?


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.