Fatty Liver

About ten years back, after a medical examination, one of the nurses asked me if I was alchoholic. Alchoholic? No, I didnt think so. But apparently a test of my liver showed that I had something called fatty liver which is also an indication of being on the tipple .

Fatty liver occurs when there is an abnormal build up of fat in your liver cells. Usually caused by alchohol, there is another variant of this disease caused by build up of fat from carbohydrates or other food sources called Non Alchoholic Fatty Liver. Over time this can result in several cardio vascular diseases. The most important cause of this disease seems to be obesity or diabetes as over 65% of people with diabetes also seem to be reporting fatty liver. Over time, if left untreated, this condition can damage your liver by developing into cirrhosis.

Managing your carbohydrate intake, reducing your weight and BMI can help you reverse a fatty liver condition. Obviously, not running through your six pack would also help. I wish the Doctor had told me ten years back that my fatty liver condition was an outcome of poor eating, I would have saved my liver a lot of abuse.