Have you felt tired recently or worse do you feel weak, tired and sleepy all the time? If you have you may be curious to understand why. Till I spent some time researching, it was unclear to me what actually caused fatigue. Of course if you just finished the marathon you would probably be tired but I am referrring to a general sense of fatigue not caused by intense activity.

One of the most common reason for fatigue is anaemia or low iron. Another common cause is coeliacs disease which occurs when you are intolerant to protein in wheat. Diabetes is another reason for fatigue as it causes sugar levels in your body to go out of balance. Stress and anxiety which can also result in a lack of sleep can easily rank as one of the important causes of fatigue. Some people have an under active thyroid which can result in low thyroxine in your body. This causes fatigue. Poor nutrition, especially a lack of vital minerals and vitamins and even water, can result in nutrition deprivation and can cause fatigue. Of course if you have a medical condition such as blockages in your heart or  a lung infection it can also manifest itself as fatigue. Fatigue shows up in strange ways from your legs and body aching, swollen lymph nodes, to a general sense of weariness.

It is therefore important to determine what is causing fatigue and rule out possibilities. Start with the annoying friend who drains you of energy (no I am just kidding) and eliminate the possible causes. In my own case, I remember a brief time when I would start feeling sleepy at ten in the morning. It was caused by poor sleep and went away as soon as I slept better. As a child my legs would constantly ache and I never understood until I was much older that this was caused by a deficiency of Vitamin D.

Find yours because fatigue is easy to fix.