So you cant eat food that does not taste good you say. Well for those for whom, taste means almost as much as being healthful, you might just want to turn to fat. I have spoken before about how the sugar industry lobbied to have fat labelled as unhealthy in the 1960’s to turn the focus away from itself. An entire generation, mine included grew up thinking that as long as you cut back on fat, your diet was healthy. Fat however, is a wonderful calorie rich macro nutrient that is tasteful. It also helps your build muscle and burn fat.

Not all fats are the same. Preferably you should be consuming your fat from mono and poly unsaturated fats. Ghee, fish, nuts, olive oil, avocado to name a few are excellent sources of fats and are also nutrient rich as they pack many critical Vitamins along. It adds a lot of calorie to your food and keeps you feeling satiated longer. This helps you turn away from sugar or carbohydrate to meet your energy requirement and manage your craving for tasty food as fat tastes yummy. Fats that need to be avoided included saturated fats that come in the form of oil needed to flash fry your food for example in your chips. Many types of meats are rich in saturated fats as well. Therefore understanding fats before you embark on this journey is important.

I asked myself why most medical experts would recommend reducing dietary fat almost instantly if you had any major ailment. The reason is that fat is not as forgiving as the other macro nutrients. It can turn rancid easily for example if you buy olive oil that comes in a bottle that is not dark. Roasted and salted nuts and seeds, a favourite finger food for many in many cases has turned the fat in the nuts into something harmful. Therefore a lack of understanding can easily make fat your enemy.

I am now on a diet in which almost 40% of my calorie need comes from fats. For six months now the only weight I have been adding is from muscle as my body fat content has remained almost the same and in fact has been going down. More fat to you!