Fads Quick Fix’s & More

I went to buy a treadmill for my brother yesterday. It is an amazing store with machines, drinks, supplements and clothing of all kind. Among the options available was a vibrating machine that promised to make me lose body fat. You apparently stand on the machine and let the machine do the work for you. I did and felt my brain vibrating and surely lost a pound at least from my brain.

There are numerous quick fixes out there. Get on this twenty one day diet and lose six inches. Eat this supplement and burn through your body fat or worse still “I lost fifty pounds by eating biscuits made from flour, butter and sugar.” We like quick, easy solutions without having to work too much for it and are easily seduced by the lure of anyone offering one. Most experts would agree however, that unfortunately there is no panacea for good health. This is not a bad thing and all it takes is a bit of patience and developing habits and frankly before you know it, you can be in good health, virtually regardless of age.

There are broadly the following things you need to worry about when evaluating your health. First your cardio-vascular health which is the condition of your heart, its muscles and your arteries. This is addressed by regular exercise and managing the quality of your cholesterol. Second the quantum of body fat, especially because of poor diet which is addressed by understanding and managing what you eat. I emphasize the focus is on quality and not on the amount you eat. Third, by managing the  oxidative stress in your body which can be managed by eating anti-oxidative foods and other detoxification methods like exercise or sitting in a sauna. Forth by improving the amount of oxygen your body gets by deep breathing or exercise. Doing this repeatedly increases the capacity of your lungs and the quantum of oxygen your body gets. Fifth, strengthening the muscles of your body since they die after you turn thirty unless you strength train. Finally, managing your stress and anxiety through some form of de-stressing including meditation, relaxing, listening to music, reading or what ever else suits you. Cumulatively all of this will help reduce inflammation in your body which is one of the primary causes of disease.

All of this may sound like a lot, but you will be quickly surprised how easily you can slip into these habits. Once you do, your mind and body craves it much like you craved the french fries. It can take up to ninety days to slip into a good habit depending on your discipline and will. If this sounds too difficult, remember this will alter the trajectory of your health for the remainder of your life.

No, I didn’t buy the vibrating machine.