Eating at Work

I use the term work loosely. This is that moment when your resolve to eat well breaks down. It happens often enough. There is always a good reason. I was stressed. It was only one chocolate cake. My husband forgot to pack my lunch. I was on a long flight. The reasons can be open ended, the outcome more certain. Unlike exercise, unfortunately, food, especially poor quality food has instant results. A well fed look.

Your body is designed to cope with starvation. This means that it hordes food to protect you. Just in case you went ape crazy and stopped eating. More seriously, in case you did not have access to food.  Therefore, when there is easy flow of quick digesting foods, it goes to sleep. Do not worry there is plenty coming from where it just came; it says to itself. It goes back to hoarding. It uses the two goblins I spoke about to regulate this. So what can you do?

Strangely, the first thing is to just give due importance to food. Most of us eat as though it is a distraction that needs to be gotten out of the way. Let me grab a quick bite on the run. Being mindful when eating helps. The second is when hungry, you will eat what ever is around. If you have not planned ahead, it is the chocolate cake. Third, when presented with finger food, how do you react? I was terrible. It was placed in front of me to be eaten wasn’t it? As silly as it sounds, I would eat out of shame of insulting the provider. It wasn’t even God providing. There were no bolts of lightning that would strike me down if I didn’t gorge. But I would. Before you take the first bite, stop. The advertisement that you cant eat just one is true.

Do you look well fed?